The excluded middle

The excluded middle Photo credit: All things tumblr

Goals of this website

Currently under construction, it’s supposed to be a place to share thoughts and observations, present interesting material, and a motivation to write more and better.


Here’s a summary of the main components behind the website:

About me

I was born in Bulgaria, where I was lucky enough to meet some great friends and mentors and get involved with math and physics competitions. After high school, I went to Harvard, where I got excited about a bunch of stuff, chiefly theoretical computer science, and became involved with the effective altruism community, who have some great (albeit occasionally crazy-sounding) ideas about improving the world. This year, I’m taking part III of the maths tripos at Cambridge.

In addition, I have a growing interest in creative writing and artificial intelligence; and when life becomes too overwhelming, I just sit around and play some music.